We're open as normal and you can view our COVID-safe information here.

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We're open as normal and you can view our COVID-safe information here.

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Cosmetic dental treatments

Time to embrace a whole new you

You know that having strong, healthy teeth is important. But what about beautiful teeth?

A healthy smile is only half the equation; you also need a smile that makes you feel fabulous. Cosmetic dental treatment is the key to falling in love with the way you look.

With even just a little cosmetic enhancement, you could experience:

  • An increase in your confidence
  • A tendency to smile more than usual
  • Motivation to take better care of your teeth
  • More attention and compliments from others

Are you ready to get that selfie-ready smile?

At Allsopp Dental, we love making people smile. We can provide you with the advanced cosmetic dental solutions you need to reach your aesthetic smile goals.

Here are the three primary treatments we provide.

Teeth whitening

Do you wish that you had brighter and whiter teeth?

Many people associate discoloured teeth with negative things like aging and poor health. Professional teeth whitening can help your smile to look younger and healthier. Whether you want to lighten your teeth a few shades, or would like to have a complete smile makeover, our Allsopp Dental team has the solution you are looking for.

We offer the brand Boutique Whitening, an at-home bleaching system that allows you to whiten your teeth safely and at your own pace. We will design a custom-fit whitening tray for you and then show you how to apply the bleach for maximum results.

Composite build-ups

A composite build-up could be just the thing if you want to patch up a chipped tooth. Composite build-ups do more than just patch teeth up, however; they can completely transform your smile.

One of our dentists will subtly reshape your tooth using a tiny amount of composite dental material. Even this small bit can make a major difference. All of your front teeth will look more tidy and even, and the repaired section will blend in so beautifully that no one else will ever notice it.

Aesthetic facial fillers

Why stop with your teeth? Your face and neck are also very important parts of your smile. Treat yourself to the ultimate smile makeover by having an aesthetic facial enhancement with Dr Mandeep Soorae. 

Dr Soorae has extensive training in facial aesthetics and can help you achieve that look you have always wanted.


Perhaps you wish your teeth were straighter, or dream of having a dazzling, white and bright smile. What once may have seemed like an overwhelming and complicated procedure is simple . . . and fast with SmileFast in Walsall.

Laugh, smile and enjoy life to the full again with this leading-edge development in smile design delivered by our skilled dental team.

Why choose Allsopp Dental for your smile makeover?

We offer the full range of dental treatments you need to keep your smile clean, healthy, and complete. Our services even include dental implants and clear aligner orthodontic treatment with a specialist orthodontist. You will enjoy having access to the whole scope of dental treatments you could ever want right here in one convenient location.

We are proud to be your ‘one stop shop’ for everything from filings to facial rejuvenation!

Our team of skilled doctors have over twenty years of experience and they have put that experience to use by designing thousands of beautiful smiles for patients from Walsall, Sutton Coldfield, Aldridge, and Lichfield. Our Bridge Street dental practice is conveniently located right near the town centre and we have on-site parking and ground floor entry.

Additionally, we are a practice that features the latest dental technology. If we need to take a mould of your teeth to design a crown, clear aligner, or whitening tray, we will do that with our iTero digital scanner instead of a traditional dental impression. We will do everything we can to keep you comfortable while we enhance your smile.

Experience the finest cosmetic dentistry. You deserve nothing less.

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