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We're open as normal and you can view our COVID-safe information here.

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At a glance
Do you really need a denture?
Dentures at Allsopp Dental
Dentures and implants: the difference
Frequently asked questions
Your journey

Dentures—traditional tooth replacements

Discover a newfound confidence in your smile!

Treatment duration

6 weeks to 3 months


  • £550 full acrylic upper and lower sets
  • £528 and up for a metal denture
  • £330 and up for a partial acrylic denture

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How can dentures help?

Replace painful teeth that are beyond repair

Restore your confidence in your smile

Enjoy a greater variety of nutritious foods

At a glance:

  • Full and partial acrylic and full metal dentures
  • Dentures on the NHS available here

Are you tired of living with teeth that cause you endless problems? A brand new denture could be your key to enjoying life again. 

A denture is a set of false teeth that can replace one or two missing teeth or an entire arch of teeth. A denture can rest directly on your gums if you have no teeth left, or it can clip onto your remaining teeth.

At Allsopp Dental we have a complete range of dentures for you to choose from.

Do you really need a denture?

Tooth loss has far-reaching effects on both your confidence and on your overall health. 

Without teeth, your smile will look aged and shrunken. Even the loss of just a few teeth can drastically change your appearance. A lack of teeth also affects the way you eat and your choice in foods. If you cannot chew properly, then your diet may be high in soft foods that contain little nutrition.

You may need a denture if you have lost all of your natural teeth or if most of your remaining teeth are failing and cannot be restored to a functional state.

The benefits of having a denture include:

  • Smiling and speaking with confidence
  • Looking younger
  • Enjoying a range of healthy foods

Dentures at Allsopp Dental in Walsall

Making a quality denture can take either a few weeks or a few months. If your mouth is ready to be fitted for a denture, then your treatment will take less time. If you need to have some teeth extracted beforehand, however, then this will add time to your treatment plan.

The denture process includes:

  • Measuring the height and angle of your bite and taking impressions of your gums
  • Designing the denture base
  • Selecting denture teeth of the right size, shape, and colour
  • Trying on your denture at multiple points throughout the process to check the fit

The exact process for getting a denture varies from patient to patient, but you can be assured of our support and attention to detail every step of the way. One of our skilled dentists will work closely with you to ensure that you get a beautiful and comfortable denture.

Here at Alsopp Dental, we offer full and partial acrylic dentures and dentures with metal frames.

Dentures and dental implants: the differences

Dentures are plates of false teeth that rest on top of the gums or existing natural teeth. Dental implants, on the other hand, are surgical inserts that fit inside the bone beneath the gums. While dentures rely on superficial structures in your mouth for stability, implants are anchored directly to your bone.

A denture needs to be replaced more than once in your lifetime, but implants are usually a once-in-a-lifetime kind of treatment. 

You can enjoy the benefits of both implants and dentures by getting a denture that is supported by implants. Dr Jonathan Allsopp is an experienced implantologist who can provide you with an implant denture.

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Common questions about dentures

  • Is it hard to eat with a denture?

    It takes some practice to get used to eating with a denture. Dentures do not work the same way natural teeth or dental implants do. You will have less sensation when you eat and you may have to cut your food into smaller bites than usual, but a little practice will help you feel more confident when you eat..

  • Can I sleep with my denture in?

    We recommend that you avoid going to bed with your denture in. Your mouth dries out when you sleep at night and this environment can allow bacteria and fungi to flourish underneath your denture. This can lead to sore gums, bad breath, or even an infection.
    Make sure that your denture stays moist whenever it is not in your mouth. It should be stored in an appropriate denture solution to avoid drying out.

  • Should I get a denture or dental implants?

    The best way to decide is to have a personal consultation with a dentist who provides both dentures and dental implants. You can schedule an in-office dental implant consultation at Allsopp Dental for just £100. We will review all of your options and recommend the treatment that suits your needs the best.

  • Do I need to use denture cream?

    An adhesive is not necessary as long as your denture is made well. Dentures are designed to stay in place with a perfect fit. However, wearing an adhesive cream can help you to feel more secure in your new denture as you get used to it.

  • If I get a denture, does that mean I won’t have to brush my teeth ever again?

    A denture is not a substitute for taking good care of your oral health. Even if you have no teeth left, you should still carefully clean your denture, tongue, and gums daily to prevent bad breath and infections.

Your journey with us

Here’s how you can plan and schedule treatment for a new denture here at Allsopp Dental.


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For nervous patients

We are ready to help. Dental anxiety is a very common issue, but it does not have to prevent you from getting the treatment you need. We can provide you with gentle dental sedation on-site at our practice to help you relax during your treatment.

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