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We're open as normal and you can view our COVID-safe information here.

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Walsall tooth extractions

Your next step towards a healthier smile

Treatment duration

30 minutes to 1 hour for one tooth (an additional 10 minutes on average for each additional tooth)



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Call us on 01922 614 685 or book online to discuss tooth extraction and your tooth replacement options.

Reasons you may need an extraction:

Prepare for getting a denture or dental implant

Remove an extra adult tooth or retained primary tooth

Remove a tooth that is compromised by gum disease or tooth decay

Remove an injured tooth

At a glance:

  • Tooth extraction is a last-resort treatment
  • Extracting a problem tooth can provide relief and improve the health of your mouth
  • Local anaesthesia and dental sedation are available

You may be disappointed and even anxious to hear that you need to have a tooth removed.

Tooth extraction is truly a last-resort solution when a tooth is beyond saving with restorative dentistry. Dental implants are the closest you can come to having your real teeth again, but it is still preferable to keep your natural teeth as long as possible.

Here at Allsopp Dental in Walsall, we can provide a simple tooth extraction to help you get relief from dental pain and move you closer to your goal of having a healthy smile.

An extraction may sound a little scary, but we will keep you comfortable throughout the process. We also expect that you will feel relief after getting rid of a troublesome tooth.

Tooth extraction: what to expect

We will invite you to our practice so that one of our dentists can examine your teeth. If there is a practical way to restore your tooth and there is a high chance of treatment success, then we would prefer to save your tooth.

If you are not in a position to pursue dental treatment or if your tooth is too weak for a crown or root canal, then we will recommend extraction.

Your extraction appointment will not take long. Most likely, you will spend the most time waiting for the local anaesthetic to take effect. Once it does, you will not feel any discomfort as the dentist carefully removes your damaged tooth from the socket. The whole procedure will take less than an hour, but it may take longer if you are having multiple teeth extracted.

We will provide you with detailed instructions for a quick and comfortable recovery. Within a matter of weeks, your extraction site should be fully healed and we will talk with you about your tooth replacement options.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, we can provide you with some mild dental sedation. Many people are anxious about having teeth extracted, so discuss your concerns with us freely. It may also help you to remember that an extraction is for the best if it prevents bacteria from tooth decay or gum disease from spreading to your other teeth.

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Are you worried that you need to have a tooth extracted? Let our dentists take a look and inform you of your treatment options. If you live in West Midlands including Sutton Coldfield, Aldridge, Lichfield and Walsall, call us on 01922 614 685 to plan your visit.

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Common questions about tooth extraction

  • Will it hurt to have my tooth extracted?

    No, you will not feel any pain as the dentist removes your tooth. You will notice a tugging sensation in your mouth, but that is all. We will administer a local anaesthetic to keep your mouth numb and comfortable while we work. We can also supply you with dental sedation, if needed, to help you feel more relaxed during your treatment.

  • What should I do after a tooth extraction to help it heal?

    Follow the dentist’s instructions exactly after having a tooth removed. Some advice you receive will include:

    • Keep your head propped up while you get plenty of rest
    • Do not brush or floss near the extraction site for a few days
    • Eat soft or liquid foods for a day or two
    • Take your prescribed pain relief medication as directed
    • Do not smoke during your recovery
  • Do I have to replace an extracted tooth?

    It is best to replace extracted teeth as soon as possible to maintain your tooth alignment. Otherwise, your remaining teeth will naturally tilt towards the gap and this can predispose them to disease. You can replace a tooth with a dental bridge, partial denture, or even an implant.

    If you already have a gap in your smile that has been crowded out by shifting teeth, then we can realign your teeth with braces before providing a tooth replacement.

  • Can I have all of my teeth removed?

    It is easy to think that removing all of your teeth and replacing them with a denture is the solution for avoiding dental care. This could not be further from the truth, however. Getting all of your teeth removed unnecessarily will not be a pleasant experience, and there is no tooth replacement that will feel as natural as your own teeth. At Allsopp Dental, we want to help you retain all of your natural teeth for as long as you can.

  • Why can’t I smoke after a tooth extraction?

    The suction you create in your mouth when you smoke can dislodge the blood clot which is necessary to begin the healing process. This is also why you should not drink from a straw within the first couple of days after an extraction.

    More importantly, however, smoking slows down circulation in your gums. This can also prevent clot formation and can lead to a painful condition called dry socket.

Your journey with us

Here’s how you can plan to have a tooth extraction here at Allsopp Dental.


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