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We're open as normal and you can view our COVID-safe information here.

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Dental anxiety tips
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Dental sedation for nervous dental patients

If you have dental anxiety you can relax during dental treatment at Allsopp with soothing sedation!

Treatment cost

£20 initial consultation
£280 per sedation treatment session

Did you know that more people are afraid of the dentist than they are of heights?

If you are afraid of getting dental treatment, then it might make you feel better to know that you are not alone. Dentistry can be a source of anxiety for almost half of UK adults, according to the Oral Health Foundation.

Just knowing that dental anxiety is common does not make it easier to cope with.

Is your dental fear holding you back from getting the treatment you need? We understand and we are ready to help. Our team here at Allsopp Dental has some tips and treatments that could make it easier for you to benefit from the dental treatments we offer.

Dental anxiety: tips for coping

Some people experience dental anxiety because of having an unpleasant experience with dentistry in the past. Others become anxious when they think about how helpless they feel in the dental chair.

No matter the reason you suffer from dental fear, the following advice may help.

Discuss your fears openly

Sometimes, simply being able to vocalise your concerns to a dentist can help you feel better.

Practice deep breathing or meditation

Relaxing deeply before your dental appointment can help calm your heart and steady your breathing.

Ask for dental sedation

This is something that we can provide you with here at Allsopp Dental.

Dental sedation: what to expect at Allsopp Dental

We divide your sedation treatment into two appointments:


The sedation consultation

This is when you will meet with Dr Gatrad to find out whether sedation at Allsopp Dental is right for you. If you are a suitable candidate, we will make plans for your treatment.


The sedation appointment

At this appointment, you will have your dental treatment performed under a pre-determined dose of sedative.

Dental sedation is provided onsite in our practice by Dr Sabriya Gatrad, a dentist who is trained in private dental sedation.

Dr Gatrad administers a medication called midazolam via an IV (intravenous) line. She will use a slim needle to guide the cannula into your arm or the back of your hand, and this cannula will stay in place until we finish your treatment.

Dental sedation will make you feel relaxed, drowsy and forgetful, but it will not render you unconscious. You may feel like you just ‘woke up’ when we complete your treatment, but in reality, you would not have fallen asleep. The medication leaves you capable of responding to Dr Gatrad’s instructions during treatment.

You will probably have little or no recollection of your treatment once your sedation appointment is finished.

We need to inform you in advance of the risks associated with IV sedation

These may include:

  • Reduction of oxygen in the bloodstream due to poor breathing during sedation. Dr Gatrad may ask you to take some deep breaths to correct this. We will monitor your breathing and oxygen levels constantly to prevent a drop in your oxygen.
  • Light bruising at the site where we attached the IV.
  • Vomiting and allergic reactions are very rare potential complications.

Please note that you can minimise your risks of experiencing any complications with your dental sedation by filling out your medical history and medication list in full. Let us know if you have had an adverse reaction to medications or anaesthetic in the past.

If any of the following health conditions apply to you, then we may not be able to offer you sedation at our practice:

  • Allergy to benzodiazepines
  • Pregnancy
  • Drug abuse or alcohol addiction
  • Severe psychiatric disorders
  • Unstable high blood pressure
  • History of angina or heart attack
  • Chronic obstructive airway diseases
  • Acute narrow angle glaucoma
  • Moderate systemic illnesses or impairments of the liver or kidney
  • Unfavourable vein access

People with these conditions should only have sedation in a hospital setting. Additionally, if you are breastfeeding, pregnant, or suspect that you may be pregnant, we will have to reschedule your sedation appointment.

Before your dental sedation appointment

At your sedation consultation, we will give you specific instructions about what you can eat and drink prior to your sedation treatment. Please follow these instructions carefully.

We will also ask you to have a trusted and responsible companion accompany you to your treatment. This individual will ensure you get home safely after your treatment and monitor your health and behaviour. The sedative medication could impair your judgement for up to 24 hours so it is crucial to have someone who can look after you, keep you comfortable and contact us if something seems wrong.

After dental sedation

Do not drive a car, ride a bicycle or operate machinery until the day following your sedation treatment. You should also arrange for someone else to look after your children, pets, elderly parents or others who are normally under your care.

You should also avoid making any important decisions, signing any documents or using social media while you recover.

Book a private appointment today

Please contact us if you have questions about your sedation treatment at Allsopp Dental! If you are a nervous dental patient, a little sedation could make your next dental implant treatment much easier to sit through.

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