We're open as normal and you can view our COVID-safe information here.

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We're open as normal and you can view our COVID-safe information here.

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New private patients at Allsopp Dental Practice

Are you interested in joining our Walsall dental family?

You likely have many questions and concerns. We will do our best to address some of those here, but please contact us directly if you would like more information.

Your treatment journey at Allsopp Dental

We believe that the secret to having a healthy smile for life lies in ongoing care. We will work with you to help you achieve your dental health goals. Your treatment at our practice is an ongoing journey, and we will support you every step of the way.

Information for nervous patients

Many patients are apprehensive about visiting a new dental practice, but some must battle intense waves of anxiety every time they set foot in any dental practice.

Are you also a nervous dental patient?

If so, there is no need to feel ashamed. Being afraid of the dentist is more common than you may realise; some people are just good at hiding their anxiety.

When you visit Allsopp Dental, you will never feel judged for struggling with dental anxiety. We want all of our patients to have a pleasant experience and we will go above and beyond to help our nervous patients feel welcomed and relaxed.

Answers to your biggest questions about your smile

Whether you want to replace missing teeth, get a brighter smile or straighten a crooked bite, you need trustworthy information to inform your treatment decision. We are ready to answer any question you have about dental care.

Would you like to enjoy a sample of the knowledge we share with our patients? Read our list of common dental questions.

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