We're open as normal and you can view our COVID-safe information here.

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We're open as normal and you can view our COVID-safe information here.

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Your Invisalign treatment journey
A Walsall Invisalign specialist
What is Invisalign?
How does Invisalign work?
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Straighten your teeth with Invisalign – the diamond standard

We are in the top 1% of Invisalign specialists in Europe – why go anywhere else?

Treatment duration

Average of 18 to 24 months but varies based on each individual case

Private Invisalign treatment at Allsopp

  • 0% interest finance plans available
  • Invisalign prices start from just £162.50 a month (no deposit required)
  • We are Invisalign Diamond APEX providers - the highest possible level - and in the top 1% of Invisalign dentists in Europe

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What problems can Invisalign treatment address?

Orthodontic treatment can treat the following problems:

Uneven spacing




Crooked teeth

Impacted teeth




At a glance: Private Invisalign treatment

  • Remote treatment monitoring available meaning fewer in-practice visits
  • Dr Jonathan Allsopp has created more than 4,500 new smiles with Invisalign and is in the top 1% of Invisalign specialists in Europe

Your Invisalign treatment journey

Welcome to the start of your journey towards a beautifully straight smile.


Complete our simple booking form

Simply fill in the form above to request your consultation.


Send us your details

One of our trained treatment co-ordinators will give you a call to discuss your treatment options and book your first in-practice appointment with us.


Come in for your consultation

Come and meet our treatment co-ordinator and specialist orthodontist, Jonathan Allsopp, who will chat to you about your treatment options, take your medical and dental history, photos and X-rays, and look at costs and options for finance plans. We will ask for a £50 deposit when booking.


Let’s get started!

If you are ready to go ahead with treatment, we will take a digital scan of your teeth with our iTero scanner and show you, in 3D, a simulated image of how your teeth will look after Invisalign treatment.


Start wearing your aligners

When your Invisalign aligners are ready, we will show you how to wear them, and explain how to clean and look after them. You should wear your aligners for 22 hours a day, removing to eat meals and snacks, and to clean them twice a day.


Treatment monitoring at home

We use a ground breaking app called Virtual Care that you can download to your smartphone. This allows us to remotely check in on your treatment, meaning less visits are required to the dental practice. You can send secure messages with questions or concerns about your treatment, giving you a direct line to Dr Allsopp.


Smile maintenance

Once your treatment is complete, you will receive removable retainers as part of your Invisalign package. Dr Allsopp will explain how often these should be worn to maintain your new smile.

We are the Invisalign specialists

Your smile deserves the very best treatment, which is exactly what we offer here at Allsopp Dental. Dr Jonathan Allsopp is an orthodontic specialist, meaning that he has undertaken extensive additional training in the field of teeth straightening… if you are seeking straighter teeth, you have come to the right place!

Dr Allsopp has completed more than 4,500 Invisalign cases to date, making him an Invisalign Diamond APEX provider – the highest tier achievable. This means he has vast experience in Invisalign treatment, from simple to complex cases and everything in between, putting him in the top 1% of Invisalign specialists in the whole of Europe.

Not only is this a huge accolade for Dr Allsopp and Allsopp Dental, this also provides our patients with peace of mind that their treatment is in the safest expert hands.

What is Invisalign?

Using a system of comfortable, clear aligners, Invisalign is the virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth and achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Invisalign is easy to wear and simple to keep clean, making it perfect for fitting around your busy routine. In addition, we are pleased to use Virtual Care to keep an eye on your treatment progress remotely, meaning your Invisalign treatment will have minimum impact on your lifestyle. Invisalign is the most convenient method to straighten your teeth.

Invisalign aligners gently move teeth into the desired position over time using controlled movement. Invisalign not only controls the amount of movement per aligner, but also the timing of the movement. At each stage, only certain teeth are allowed to move, resulting in an efficient force delivery system that moves teeth into the desired prescribed position

How does Invisalign work?

Everything starts with a friendly phone call where we will explain how Invisalign works. Following this, we will ask you to send us some images of your teeth so that we can create a bespoke treatment plan. Thanks to the power of an app called SmileMate and impressive AI technology, we can create a treatment plan using your own photographs, before you have even set foot in our dental practice.

We will send you your personalised treatment plan to consider and contact you to book a consultation. We have found that many patients who had previously been too nervous to enquire about Invisalign treatment due to dental anxiety have found this process far more comfortable and have been able to begin their teeth straightening journey with confidence.

During your consultation, we will use the mess- and pain-free iTero scanner to take a digital impression and the ClinCheck software will then show you a 3D simulation of the proposed result of your treatment, enabling you to visualise how your smile could look – seeing is believing!

If you decide to go ahead with treatment, a series of clear aligners will be custom-made for your teeth to move them gradually. Each aligner is worn for 7 to 10 days before being replaced by the next in the series, gently moving towards the projected final position. Dr Allsopp will be able to estimate your Invisalign treatment time, based on your specific needs.

Always here for you

We are extremely pleased to use Virtual Care for all Invisalign cases. This incredible technology allows us to monitor your Invisalign progress via an app on your smartphone. Simply send us images of your teeth so that we can check your progress remotely and tweak your treatment plan as required.

You can also send secure messages via the app, so if you have any queries or concerns regarding your treatment, you can ask Dr Allsopp directly.

This means we can keep an eye on your treatment without you having to attend the practice for multiple appointments.

Orthodontic treatments at Allsopp Dental

Dr Allsopp can provide the following orthodontic treatments:

Clear Aligners

Are you looking for an alternative to traditional braces? 

Aligners are clear thin plastic trays that are made to fit each individual patient. They come in sets that include upper and lower trays. 

Clear aligners fit nice and snug over your teeth. Each new aligner is different than the last and applies gentle pressure to your teeth. This pressure is what moves your teeth and gets you closer to achieving your smile goals.

You will scan your teeth every week using the Dental Monitoring app which allows us to check on your progress remotely. After we examine the photos of your teeth, we will let you know when to move on to your next set of aligners.

The number of aligners needed to straighten teeth varies from patient to patient.

Lingual braces

‘Lingual’ refers to the inner surface of your teeth which is right next to your tongue. Braces bonded to the insides of your teeth are 100% invisible. There are less than a dozen orthodontists in the UK who are certified in this technique-sensitive orthodontic treatment and Dr Allsopp is one of them.

Fixed buccal braces

These are the classic ‘metal’ or ‘colour’ braces you have likely seen before. They fasten onto the outsides of teeth (called the ‘buccal' surface in dentistry).

We offer both metal and ceramic fixed braces at Allsopp Dental. After examining your smile, Dr Allsopp will recommend the type that will work best for you.

Why Allsopp Dental for your orthodontic treatment?

Dr Allsopp is a GDC registered specialist in orthodontics. 

Our remote treatment monitoring options reduce the time you spend in our dental practice.

We utilise the latest orthodontic technology to ensure that your treatment is fast and comfortable.

We are the all-in-one dental practice for all of your dental care needs. We offer a wide variety of orthodontic services alongside a comprehensive range of other dental treatments, including dental implants and facial fillers.

Free remote consultations

Would you like to find out if braces are right for you? You can do that for free and without even leaving your home.

All you have to do is fill in a short form and then send us pictures of your smile. We will then arrange a remote consultation to discuss our treatment recommendations.

After your remote initial consultation, you can book an in-practice visit with Dr Allsopp. This visit will include all the scans, X-rays and other diagnostic imaging necessary to create a personalised treatment plan.

The real beauty of straight teeth

A smile full of straight and tidy teeth is a beautiful sight. Aesthetics is a very popular reason that people straighten their teeth. However, the benefits of orthodontic treatment extend beyond outer appearances.

These benefits include:

  • Lower risk of dental disease
  • Healthier gums
  • Easier brushing and flossing
  • Reduced enamel wear
  • Increased self-confidence

Making a success of your orthodontic treatment

We strongly urge you to do at least these four things to ensure that you complete your orthodontic treatment quickly, safely and successfully:


Brush and floss your teeth daily and use a fluoride mouthrinse.


Avoid foods that can damage your braces.


If you are having Invisalign® treatment, wear your clear aligners exactly as directed.


Come to all of your orthodontic checkup and adjustment appointments.

Naturally, you want to get the most out of your orthodontic treatment once it is complete. We recommend that you wear a custom-fit orthodontic retainer to maintain your new smile alignment.

We want to see you wearing a smile you can be proud of and we are ready to help you achieve that. Allsopp Dental combines modern orthodontic technology and techniques with years of specialist orthodontic expertise to deliver a truly unique treatment experience. 

Common questions about braces

  • Can I get braces on the NHS?

    Orthodontic treatment for adults is not typically covered on the NHS, except where there is an obvious health concern that requires orthodontic treatment. Children under the age of 18 may qualify for braces if there is an obvious need for treatment. We currently have extremely high demand for braces on the NHS for under 18s which has unfortunately been lengthened by COVID-19. Please contact us should you qualify for treatment and we will be able to discuss the best treatment options for you

  • What are the best type of braces?

    There are advantages and disadvantages to all kinds of braces. The most important thing is to determine which type of braces are right for you. Dr Allsopp can help you find out if you book a consultation with us.

  • Can my child have clear aligner treatment?

    Yes, we can provide clear aligners treatment for qualifying young patients. Clear aligners like ClearCorrect™ or Invisalign® are treatment alternatives to wearing fixed braces. After examining your child’s smile, Dr Allsopp will let you know which treatment is best for your child. Aligner treatment is available only a private basis and not on the NHS.

  • What if my braces break?

    If just one bracket comes off, then it is safe to wait until your next orthodontic appointment with Dr Allsopp to have it replaced. You can cover sharp wires with orthodontic wax to keep them from poking you. Call us if you are not sure what else you should do or if multiple brackets come off.

  • How do I clean around my braces?

    Oral hygiene is extremely important during orthodontic treatment, but it is difficult to clean around fixed orthodontic appliances. An oral irrigator (water flosser) or powered toothbrush can make the job easier. Our team at Allsopp Dental would be happy to show you some simple and effective techniques for cleaning around brackets and wires.

  • How long will I have to wear my orthodontic retainer?

    You should wear your retainer for as long as you want to keep your teeth nice and straight. That is to say, you should plan to wear your retainer for the rest of your life. Evidence shows that our teeth continue to shift as we age, and wearing a retainer will help you maintain the alignment of your teeth for many years. You may start out wearing your retainer for most of the day and then eventually cut back to only wearing it at night. Check in with Dr Allsopp regularly to find out how often you should wear your retainer.

  • What if I need dental treatment while wearing a braces?

    We will check your teeth thoroughly for signs of decay before beginning your orthodontic treatment. It is easiest to repair teeth before the braces go on. You can keep your teeth healthy during treatment by avoiding sweets and sugary drinks. But if you do end up needing general dentistry treatment in the meantime, we can help you arrange that right here at Allsopp Dental.

  • Is it too late for me to get braces?

    It is never too late to begin orthodontic treatment! People of all ages can experience the benefits of straightening their teeth and we offer a little something for everyone in our range of orthodontic treatments here at Allsopp Dental. It is ideal to begin orthodontic treatment in adolescence, but it is still possible to move teeth in adult smiles, as well.

Ready to get started?

Our team looks forward to helping you create the smile of your dreams! We are welcoming new Invisalign patients from all over the West Midlands including Walsall, Sutton Coldfield, Aldridge and Lichfield. Let's start today!

For nervous patients

We are ready to help. Dental anxiety is a very common issue, but it does not have to prevent you from getting the treatment you need. We can provide you with gentle dental sedation on-site at our practice to help you relax during your treatment.

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